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Esteban Wolfenson

I love combining visual impact  with good storytelling

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This piece, created for AES ENERGY, tells the story of a group of superheroes who, despite being very noble and powerful, no longer receive requests for help from the citizens of Earth because their customer service sucks. Throughout the series, they will seek to learn about the concept of "Customer Centricity" and improve their service to the people they are trying to save


This short film tells the story of a young man who travels back in time to try to prevent the economic crisis of 2001 in Argentina. His plan is to use a mysterious kung fu technique to erase the disastrous economic plan of Minister Cavallo before he can implement it. However, before doing so, he must confront his loyal bodyguard, who must choose between his personal interests and the fate of an entire nation.


This piece created for BBVA Spain, inspired by the movie "Inside Out," tells the story of Amanda, a manager who struggles to balance her personal life with her work life. She aims to be a good boss to her employees and tries to navigate her emotions in a healthy and productive way.


A sketch comedy series with short-duration episodes that feature absurd, politically incorrect, explicit, and completely raw humor.

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El Combatiente (W. I. P.)
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